Good Stock Investing

Some of Martin Whitman’s latest investments have been the MBIA surplus notes (around 15% yield) and Standard Pacific (around 20% yield). Whitman considers MBIA surplus notes as almost-cash with low risk (but potentially illiquid). Given Buffett’s insider knowledge of TXU, he probably treats this as a super-low-risk almost-cash holding. Bonds are poor investments in taxable accounts, not to mention the fact that stocks can beat them easily due to compounding of reinvested earnings, so it isn’t something I would use as a primary holding. The problem I have with this (assuming I can buy it for a reasonable price) is its long maturity. CarsWhen it comes to vehicles, engine overheating is a common problem that can destroy it completely. It is something you own that can reasonably be expected to produce something for you. For more information on OSV companies, you can refer to Lessons for Investing in OSV Companies from Shipping Trusts. These drawers are great, as you can mount them into your vehicle without needing to do extensive work on the vehicle.

I started commuting to work by car and I was investigating whether audio broadcasts in the car was something worth pursuing and I doesn’t think I absorbed much. I’m wondering if a bond with around 13% to 15% yield is worth it? It is thinly traded and has a yield of around 13% to 15%. I’m wondering if this is worth it; or whether Sears Holdings stock is better. For small investors, it’s probably better to follow some rigid approach that forces you to think about whether you are actually improving your opportunity cost. I think if it were due in the 2020’s, I would be ok with it (inflation risk is a big concern for such a long-dated bond). 100 for the “going concern” oil price. 42.00 strike price. I currently own 100 shares of RCI.B at a higher price. If we look at some select recent junk bond purchases, we see Buffett buying TXU with around 12% yield (I am trying to find out the maturity on these bonds and if anyone has any idea leave a comment).

I think I figured out that I’m not really a listener; instead, I am really a reader. I think I know where I stand. I think I absorb way more information through reading than listening. I don’t know if I covered it in this blog but the great management thinker, Peter Drucker, suggested that some people learn by listening while others learn by reading. Majority of the people are unaware of the unit trust concept. With reduced interest rates the public should look at long-term investment opportunities such as unit trust for higher returns. He said many of the people depend on the income of interest rates that they get for their deposits. With the interest rates brought down drastically, people are now looking at alternative investment methods,” he said. Of course, high yield spreads were higher in 2002 so junk bonds are not as appealing now. It should now take you less than 5 minutes to buy the chosen menu, assuming you have already got a brokerage account. What is a Money Market Account?

You may buy your investment property in an area where they have a great demographics, great schools, and low crime among other things only to see your real estate market go downhill from there. For as Americans have become more lazy and slothful, yet our appetite for SUVs, flat screen TV’s, clothes, etc., has not abated, we have to rely on somebody to loan us the money to afford all these things. Paradise Lost is an excellent article detailing what happened and how things got totally out of control. If you are thinking of investing in them, you need to seperate out these highly leveraged banks from the conventional lowly-leveraged bank you find on your street corner. Moreover, you need to plan your future to meet the rising cost of living in Malaysia and the world over. World Economic stats that you could possibly want. If you haven’t been following the financial sector closely, you might want to read the linked article. If you are a professional in the field, you might want to pick up the magazine since there are quite a few articles on the topic (all are available online as well).

Professional fund managers use screening tools to “screen” stocks that fulfill certain criteria. In India, we also have a promoters or sponsor who takes the initiative of starting a mutual fund but has no active role after the fund has been launched. One idea that I have been researching lately is junk bonds. I have been looking at how Warren Buffett, Martin Whitman, Jean-Marie Eveillard, Mohnish Pabri, among others, have invested in junk bonds. Eveillard, Pabri, and Buffett bought Level 3 Communications. Buffett bought Amazon and Nextel bonds at that time as well. Junk bonds were very attractive back around 2002 and many of these investors invested in them. Martin Whitman has always been a big buyer of junk bonds given that he is a distressed investing specilist (in the early 2000’s, he bought K-mart bonds). I don’t have enough money and I would still like to diversify my portfolio more by investing in a retailer or a Japanese stock so I won’t do anything for the time being.