Journey Towards Financial Freedom: “An Additional $560k Gone…”

Or that stocks that don’t make it to this list equals crap. The list looks daunting, but remember, you have all the time in the world to get this right. Swing trading is suitable for people who have more time and who want to trade almost on a daily basis. A final note on investing compared to trading. In the Gold Member section of our website we publish monthly our latest historical trend trading signals. Let’s clear up some misunderstandings: The common perception that the rectangular bits of gold (“bars”) are the most cost effective, and perhaps the only available, form of gold bullion. The good investor’s job is to identify those companies that are selling below their true worth and buy as much as they can. And many of those who are saving and investing aren’t doing a very good job of it. I muttered, “If that’s what you want, Billy, I’ll do my best…” but I immediately realized that I was doing him no favor.

“If the Dow Jones 30 falls to 400,” Billy sputtered, “I will be wiped out, and I just can’t take the chance of staying in the market.” Talking about the advisor’s doomsday prediction had sent him into a downward spiral. He also joined Williams in warning that the effect of not having such criteria resulted in excess stock market and economic volatility, which damaged investor confidence not only in the stock market but also in the free markets. Billy’s irrational and morbid mood had begun to have a negative effect on the clarity and confidence I had felt all day. Using my eTRADE account as an example, I have picked three real loser stocks over the years – ones that have tanked to zero or near-zero: General Motors, Fleetwood Enterprises (the largest maker of RVs) and Fannie Mae. Mr. Bernhard was echoing Williams in pointing out the need for generally accepted criteria to value stocks.

In conclusion, as an investment form, prefs and perps are generally inferior to stocks and bonds. But if you believe in a different investment philosophy, personally I think it’s also ok. Most Investment Managers had just a few huge clients that they tended to while the rest of the fledging financial industry focused on property protection and estate creation through life insurance. The rental property market in Hungary currently offers the best investment deal in terms of capital appreciation. The stock market is, at its core, a large auction where ownership in companies just like ABC Furniture is sold to the highest bidder each day. They would also go for high probability trades – like shorting Korean Won or Thai Baht after analyzing and knowing that their central banks cannot defend the currencies. Although the balance sheet is clean, Sunnyside posted a net loss in 2012, but with the excess capital, what could Sunnyside’s income statement look like post-IPO? The more I tried to reason with him the further apart we drifted, like two people receding into a dense fog.

Still, the FTSE 100 rose 13 percent from June to September and is up by more than fifth since its lows in July following the shock referendum result. 100 million dollar retirement packages for CEOs have become a way of life, with no end is in sight. Careful mental accounting is needed to bolster the self-control necessary to resist spending and promote savings during working years and control spending in retirement so we don’t run out of money before we run out of life. Telus has increased the dividend for 14 consecutive years. In our recent quarterly letter we explained that one of our core investing principals is that we will invest in only companies that we are willing to hold for 10 years with no option of getting out early. In order to maintain enough mental and physical energy to make it through this dark time, I could not exhaust myself on one person.