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Both the fundamental backdrop (money printing from here to eternity) and the technical picture look good. As long as these programs continue, investors should be bullish on gold, silver and their miners and look to accumulate on any pullback (the same can be said for other inflation-related assets as well). In addition, you can compare different instruments on the same chart. Investing in office buildings can be very profitable. 1. Investors hop onto the investing arena after the cajoling of their close friends or relatives. As investors we need to be thinking through how these industries may change in structure: which companies are positioned for that, which are not. Nevertheless, Jardine companies have been known as good companies with competent business managers and so investors had turned a blind eye to its lack of disclosure and secrecy over the years. All are ETFs with GDX representing a portfolio of senior miners and GDXJ junior miners (companies doing exploration and those in pre-production).

It reached the overbought point for GLD twice in September and recently for GDX. The August employment report released on September 7th was not particularly good by any measure. The RSI on SLV became overbought in late August and really overbought in early September. The miners GDX and GDXJ are somewhat behind SLV and it looks like the cross might not take place until the beginning of October. It was in August 2007 that the Fed cut the discount rate, which was the beginning of its attempts to stimulate the economy. In his Jackson Hole Speech in August, Fed Chair Ben Bernanke stated the Fed’s efforts “increased private payroll employment by more than 2 million jobs”. The world is awash in central bank money printing, with Japan this week joining the US and the EU central banks in announcing new stimulus efforts. So after all of the Fed’s efforts and all the stimulus programs implemented by the Obama administration, there were 3,693,000 less jobs in the United States. What about during just the Obama administration?

Knowing this fact, many financial firms will tempt you with offers that seem good on the surface, but really offer little advantage to you and your money. While the DMI is indicating some pullback should be coming soon, the RSI offers even more support for this view. While there are a number of options for buying gold, silver, and their mining stocks it is best to analyze them using the GLD for gold, SLV for silver, and GDX and GDXJ for miners. So far, GLD has made a textbook perfect cup and SLV has almost as good a match (GDX and GDXJ need to build the right side of the cup more). SLV hasn’t made this cross yet, but it is a mathematical certainty that it will do so. This plays an important part in helping you decide what you will do next to reach your objectives. Part one of the silver age comic book investment guide for DC comic books. Singtel’s investment thesis had been pretty simple. The 50-day SMA (simple moving average) of GLD crossed the 200-day SMA on Thursday. As long as the 50-day moves above the 200-day and stays above it, the bull move is confirmed.

A drop down to the 50-day SMA would be healthy at this point. A drop of say 3%-7% soon would complete the textbook pattern. This pattern is bullish in the intermediate term and indicates a multi-month rally is likely, but it is bearish in the short-term. While the month to month changes seem lackluster, the longer term picture is truly dismal. 2 individuals of the same age might require different products because one is married while the other one is not. 50,000. You have been dealing with the same financial planner for years and he is a friend you don’t want to upset. Yet, at the same time the employable population has grown substantially. Ordinarily, this would be followed by a handle and then a breakout from the handle and the ensuing rally should last for some time (seasonally gold tends to peak around March). The RBI cut repo rates on home loans last year. Real Estate Owned Properties are properties that either were not sold at auction or were properties that the bank or lender accepted the deed of trust in lieu of foreclosing on the home.

The RIA requires only a home study course with one final test. Of course, like all rallies, this one too will eventually come to an end. Pea-shooter or not, OPEC is the only one shooting any ammo in this war. Should you choose a bond fund, equity fund, property fund or a money market cash fund? There are many different ways you can go about investing, including putting money into stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, real estate (and other alternative investment vehicles), or even starting your own business. I last updated on my investment trust income portfolio at the end of 2013 (here’s the link). This will most likely happen by the end of next week. By the end of 2008, the Fed’s Fund rate was at zero and a number of special programs had been implemented to handle the Credit Crisis. Looking at the total number of people listed as Employed in Table A indicated that 119,000 fewer Americans had jobs in August than in July.