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A Path To Forever Financial Freedom (3Fs)

The company expects to unveil the first of these updates in 2013 after floundering as personal computers have lost ground to the smartphones ‘ the non- BRICs (not Brazil, Russia, India and China) which now represent 20 percent of the world GDP; that means they are bigger than the U.S. Emerging economies such as Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa have said they would be willing to prop up the IMF & the eurozone, but they also have insisted on a bigger role at the IMF. The Greek Parliament voted to back a package of deep spending cuts to help clear a path for the release of funds & potentially a 2nd bailout by the EU & IMF.

Unions began a 48-hour strike as protests outside the parliament building & turned violent as MPs debated the austerity package.Stayed tuned. Greece has another big vote coming tomorrow, it’s still hard to see how its debt problem will be resolved with protests in the street. The European debt mess drones on, far from being resolved. The IMF said the US should raise the debt ceiling to avoid a global shock. 10B thru the IMF. 2.24 in the prior year. Investors should review the risks and uncertainties described in the prospectus carefully prior to investing. Junk bond funds can be bought for their high yields, however investors need to be aware they are facing tough times ahead. Legends are investors with names that people from all walks of life would know of, like movie stars, famous scientists and world leaders. The number of people who signed contracts to buy homes rose sharply in May, pushed higher by an influx of spring buying. There are different types of problems that people face while buying and after buying certain properties.

While the revision downward for US GDP in Q2, is history, the implications for Q3 & Q4 are not good. Of course, there are some obstacles you will need to get through, but it is far from impossible. There was no exciting corp news & the euro powers took the day off. And then there is a good chance both sides will be unhappy. The supercommittee from congress will give its report shortly on reducing federal deficits & that has the potentiality of getting very ugly with both sides digging in their heals. Next Fri will be the jobs report for Sep & it’s difficult to make a case for a positive report. The material used to make your van ladder rack must be durable and weather resistant. Increasing safety levels: A ladder rack secures bulky cargo safely and keeps everyone safe on the road. Microsoft, a Dow stock, plans to overhaul how it develops the Windows operating system in a strategic shift aimed at keeping pace with nimbler rivals.