Understanding And Applying Value Investing Principles

Why would someone think this stock is worth over 100 times its earnings? This means McDonald’s is paying out more than half its earnings and dividends, which means the shareholders are being rewarded for the profitability of the company. How on earth are we supposed to take a view on the withdrawal agreement before we actually have some degree of certainty what our future relationship will be like? And it first, a fast food company might seem like a pretty safe bet, is they are making products and selling it and us are making profits and have very low risk of going bankrupt. Restaurants are businesses of thin margins, regular profits, and predictable performance. No mention is made of profits, dividends, P/E ratios, or any other metrics. And as the price has spiked so has the P/E ratio, form a more modest 29 to an outrageous 500, before settling down to the 103 we have today.

If someone already doesn’t have to work for a living (financially independent and wouldn’t need to work even if there was a 50% market correction), then what is the point of saving money in “CDs”. The goal here is to earn money by saving money. We have a local chain here that is a clone of Chipotle, right down to the head-sized burritos. However, you have to be careful not to get carried away. Realtors can be really helpful, especially when you want to get an accurate history of the property so you can negotiate the best deal with a seller. Get a written copy of the return policy. Note also, that this fellow seems to be suggesting leveraging yourself to make a “play” in the stock – using derivatives (going long and short). But you ain’t gonna find them looking at for-sale ads in the paper, for-sale signs in the yard, or by concentrating solely on short sales, foreclosures, REOs and agent-listed properties. They are basically located on the main areas, boulevards, or avenues with a range of other properties.

And of course, it could just be that football-sized burritos are no longer a “thing” – the landscape is littered with the skeletons of fast-food chains that peaked and died, as people lost interest. And well it might seem there’s a Chipotle on every corner near the tech sector of every large city, there really aren’t as popular across the country as other fast food and fast-casual chains. Well hold on there now, there’s rhyme and reason. But as Chipotle is demonstrated three times now, unforeseen incidents can cause huge disruptions in their business. Chipotle is acting like it is some sort of dot-com tech company, instead of one of the most traditional of industries around – the restaurant business. I like the blockchain enablers, the real ones, not just the jokers with no credible history of running a business who are slapping on a “blockchain” hat to jump their stock.

Compare Chipotle’s stock price that at Mcdonald’s. McDonald’s has a P/E ratio that is somewhat high at 28, meaning you have to wait 28 years to make your money back. That’s right, Chipotle pay no dividends whatsoever, whereas McDonald’s currently cranks out about 2.44% in dividends and has a long rich dividend-paying history. Oh, right, the financial press. Oh, and because of a 2-for-1 burrito offer. Online websites abound which offer stock “analysis” that amounts to little more than speculation. The article is accompanied by a chart of the stock price, with lots of lines drawn on it. Just stock price. Read the entire article – it is gibberish. People read gibberish online “stock reports” and bid up the prices of stocks into the stratosphere. One of the biggest mistakes I made early on in investing was to buy stocks and companies because I liked their products. We buy stocks in things which were familiar with because it gives us a level of comfort. A buy limit order (a limit order to buy) can only be executed at the specified limit price or lower. So in order to sleep well, how should we invest? In order for Chipotle stock price to make any sense, would have to increase in size by a factor of five, and that doesn’t seem likely even if we didn’t have the ecoli norovirus in mice incidents.