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I try to make myself put people to work and often end up letting them play too much. I’ve always been able to express myself much better in writing than talking. But I would never spend that much time reading a whole book, things are changing faster than I can finish the book, trust me on that 😉. But vague and haphazard seems to be the story of my life right now, so what can I say? In other news life is very ordinary. There are many places where one could find football transfer news. There is a serious lack of fairness about who faces the death penalty and who does not. There are some of you out there who have been in debt to the IRS for years. There’s a lot of people who would be so happy to have ordinary! Shining eyes when they’ve surprised me by doing a job without me asking.Every once in awhile I find myself needing to stop and thank God for the ordinary. This content has been created with GSA Content Generator Demoversion!

One thing is for sure, God is creative beyond belief and as I read through Proverbs (our church is currently reading through the chronological Bible), I realize anew how wise it is live by His principles and direction. Underneath and in between it all, God keeps working away at our hearts; stretching us to places we never dreamed of and re-arranging our hearts in ways we never expected. I alternate between kicking and screaming at the process and marveling over the amazing ways He chooses to bring about His plan. Sometimes when people gush over something I’ve written, I want to growl. The tomato plants have taken over their alloted space and then some. Then you’d hear me too.There’s lots of happy ordinary things too: little girl conversations as they play that crack me up constantly! A row of your marigolds went in along the back, then tomato plants on one end and cucumbers on the other and Jennifer’s ten precious green bean seeds given by her first grade teacher along the front.

Jennifer’s teacher had told her these green beans need a fence to climb on, and the minute they popped out of the ground she couldn’t stop reminding me of that fact! You modeled a love for growing things and I do it for the fun and the opportunity to pass on the love, not for the handful of green beans that we might get from ten small seeds. It has rained and rained and our plants are lush and green. The plucky little plants bravely grew on and were climbing beautifully until just last week somebody came back for another meal. We’ve had such fun watching our plants flourish, Mom. Imaginations that use tree branches and grass and what have you to have hours of fun outside. There are only a few free ones, but you will have to Yahoo/Google to find them though. If you look closely at the photo above, you will see a pencil mark right in the centre, where Helen had marked the centre point of the block.

I don’t like that extremity any more when I see it on the liberal news sites I read. Is it correct grammar to say these are good news? Out of 100 quotes maybe 10 – 15% put women down but here’s the really startling thing: a good 50% of those “funny quotes about women” made MEN look like the idiots.People! I wasn’t quite sure that had been a fair search, so I googled “funny quotes about women”. Let’s not join the crowd chortling at silly, demeaning quotes. Twenty out of twenty of the quotes about men made them out to be the dummies. Out of twenty quotes about women, two were demeaning and two others were slightly so. As you play with a partner against two opponents, it’s important to keep your mind attentive to the game so you know when to trump a card and when to auction. There are only two times to write a press release. Real life is always there waiting but out of the ordinary days sure help to give us fresh courage for the journey.

You will notice that there are various CSS elements in this script; if you wish to alter the border or the background-color, these can be easily tweaked, as can the color of the spoiler text. Granted I wish that smaller rescues would get recognized more than they are. We might be a few steps behind our society but we’ve accepted a lot more of the feminist attitude than we want to admit. The cucumbers have lagged behind a bit and not all the seeds came up, I don’t believe. Living, poverty, cultures, technology, education, you name it and you have it. News is repertory of history, culture, literature, people, education, health, civilization information. Instead, all latest news will be properly listed and you just have to click on the section related which news you want to grab. In fact, vocabulary used will be understandable for one and all. And I am very excited,” Shafir wrote on Facebook, adding, “Come with me and we will start again.