Whether I Should Invest At All?

The difference between 13% & 9% (or so which is generally more common) is the risk premium to absorb future defaults. When a put option is assigned, the net premium received is substracted from the cost of the purchase. During the month of March, I wrote about an option trade in WestJet Airlines. Basically, we are currently seeing a trade war between provinces. Examples are an increase to the minimum wage and the carbon tax. I did not see “distribution” increase in any headline title. BEP.UN pays a distribution in US dollars and is converted to Canadian dollars. 6.04 to my annual dividend / distribution income. 5. Net Operating Income (NOI) – Net operating income is one of the most important measures because it represents a return on the purchase price of the property and, in short, expresses an objective measure of a property’s income stream. For example the money supply (using the monetary base as the measure) has increased 350% under Obama. So it seems that financial freedom helps to achieve the 3 important things that we want in life: Time, Money and Happiness. Each an every increase helps.

This cost of living increase is more than likely to be across the board and is usually 3% or less. These projects like The Rec Room has high upfront cost. The other type of “raise” that an employee receives is a cost of living increase. 3.84, which represents a 3.23% increase. 5.32 annually, which represents an increase of 2.31%. The Canadian banks have been raising their dividends twice annually the past several years. Kinder Morgan gave a May 31 2018 deadline to have the issue of protestors and opposition by the BC NDP Government come to a peaceful end. Currently, the ongoing dispute involving the expansion of Kinder Morgan’sTrans Mountain pipeline. Kinder Morgan gave a deadline of May 31, to be able to go ahead with the project. On May 2, Cineplex reported earnings. Cineplex is in the process of transforming itself into an entertainment company which will include movies instead of just a movie company. The federal government is said to have federal jurisdiction and says the pipeline will be built despite the objections of the BC NDP government and BC Green Party. Become informed about the economic and political situation in Iraq, for trends in security and flow of foreign capital into the country can have a dramatic impact on the overall strength of the dinar.

Diversify your investment and postpone putting all your capital in one or two stocks. Buying and holding, as you would a share, is why 90% of warrant traders lose their capital. Let me share some thoughts on why patience is a critical to earning above average returns. The way they do that is to “Start with Why”. If you just start writing, you will be through with your assignment before you know it! Also, the expansion of the pipeline will mean more tanker traffic on the southern coast of British Columbia. The expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline have lead to dispute between Alberta and British Columbia. You have permission to publish this article either electronically or in print, free of charge, as long as the author bylines are included. Although a TFSA is a registered account, you deposit money with after tax dollars so the gains and income within a TFSA are tax free. Not to get your money stucked for long time?

Also subscribe in the form below so you get the latest posts in this site straight in your email. 1274.91. I purchased my shares inside my TFSA. They are also protestors trying to block this pipeline expansion as they are worried about a possible spill on land or on the BC coast. The expansion of the this pipeline would triple the capacity of oil from the oil sands that will allow the product to reach foreign markets. So if you follow me on this competition, you will then know which company is this new Big Idea. Recently, Alberta passed legislation that will enable it to restrict the movement of its resources out of the province of Alberta. Alberta NDP government recently passed legislation that Alberta government can restrict the movements if its resources through pipelines. The federal government has federal jurisdiction when it comes to pipelines. The US president announces tariffs this week and the federal liberal government retaliated by imposing tariffs of their own. The federal government believes they can have construction on the pipeline started within months. You have to look at data coming from the previous quarters and years. SIPs in fixed income or debt funds may be considered if the investment horizon is less than 5 years and risk appetite is low.

Target the debt with the highest interest rate. Some bonds give the borrower the option to pay their loans back early, saving them from paying you the interest you would have continued to receive for the expected life of the bond. On April 20 2018, the short put option in WestJet was assigned. Having both long equity and short vol in the same portfolio is effectively loading up massively on short black swan exposure. Skip the small frys means the same lesson learnt here would be to invest in some stocks above some kind of cut-off. Please Note: All stocks are from the Toronto Stock Exchange except TTR which trades on the Venture Exchange. During the month of May, there was no options trades started. Additionally, there is the extra benefit of indoor biking wherever you want, and you can expect to be unaffected by the sweltering outside heat along with other adverse weather conditions.